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I knooow,I disappeared >.<

But I’m in Sicily with my family and my bf,and we are at the beach almost everyday lol Summer is stressfull C: ahaha. I’ll come back soon maybe with some new cc ^-^

Jul 22 2014 - #news#updates
Giveaway winner!

Cogratulations to Stephanie M. Valentine! (omonasims) She’s the winner of the giveaway. Here her blog ^-^

Eze contacted Seven to see her collection of killing toys and deal with her to keep a gun, to protect himself better since he got stabbed. And well, shit happens. ;) 

simspirationhouses ha risposto al tuo fotoset “Skye.”

I love her <3 but I was wondering if she really looks like that in CAS or did you photoshop her? I’m sorry if this sounds rude, I don’t mean to be rude :)

Jul 17 2014 - #simspirationhouses

Wanna play with her?


Don’t forget to enter the giveaway to get TS4 Demo!

^-^ I’m so glad I got this key to share it with you.


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Jul 17 2014

Do you remember her?

Seven and her favourite toy Pt 2.

Hi! Sorry for bothering you with wcif question, but where did you get that top/jacket which Seven wears in the last post? Thank you! :)

Click me!

Jul 15 2014 - #wcif#Anonymous

Sev and her favourite toy ^_^

I'm honestly really worried for you when it comes to making sims and TS4. They look gorgeous, I'm not saying they don't, but the way you construct your stunning sims will be more difficult or impossible considering the sliders. I hope you stay with TS3. I'm sorry if this came off really rudely, I didn't mean to offend you in any way.

That’s not rude,don’t worry,I perfectly understood what you’re saying,and I agree. I really need a lot of sliders to make TS4 sims in my style,I need them expecially for Seven. The version that I actually created on ts4 demo is totally cc-free and she doesn’t look the same. But I think that it is a good result,considering that I created her on vanilla game and she has some very unique lineaments that are not easy to re-create. Sooo,I guess I have to wait to have a perfect Seven on ts4. Obviously,I play and I’ll still play TS3  :) Don’t worry.

Jul 15 2014 - #Anonymous
Ahem, *points to Seven* "Beautifull demon that walk the madness path, i shall pray for your safety, and pray for the poor souls who cross your path."

Pray expecially for the poor souls. She got a new brass knuckles yesterday.

Jul 15 2014 - #Anonymous
Can you make seven as a child?! I wanna see hwo she looks! ^-^

That’s a nice idea! I’ll do it when I open TS3.

Jul 15 2014 - #Anonymous