kwsimblr: what did I tell you about your success on TSR and how fast they will promote you ? CONGRATULATIONS !!

Thank youu >3< You believed in me. That’s so sweet.


simaniacos and pickypikachu you’re my angels. This hair is like our baby ç_ç THANK YOU.

Release soon!

I'm a Featured Artist on TSR!

Being a FA on TSR is a really important step for a cc creator and obviously a great honor. And I’m so pleased to be part of the awesome the sims 4 FA team, you can’t imagine how much I’m happy. I’ll do my best to provide the highest quality cc I can make, and to really deserve this great opportunity. I’M SO EXCITED.


To all the people who joined the skype group chat today <3 You’re all amazing. I remember to all the others that you still can send me your skype nickname, I’ll add you to the chat! (We don’t make videcalls and we don’t use microphones, just the text chat! Don’t be shy :3)

Goodnight everyone :*

Almost done.

Anonymous: (ug why are your sims so perfect)

(≧◡≦) hug me

✖ Skype Chat with MFS ✖

Hello guys! So I had this idea and I think you could be entusiast about it: I want to create a little group chat on skype to talk with my followers and to create a little “mfs community” :) the purposes of this chat are:

If you want to be part of this skype chat, please send me a message with your skype nickname. Anons messages will be ignored.

[MF SIMS] Blue Autumn Dress

  • Standalone item
  • YA-A-T Female
  • Detailed texture
  • Only one color available
  • Download at TSR

Making progress :D

catlingun: I love your sims. I love how they look like actual people instead of the cookie cutter, plastic dolly sims you usually see. In this world everyone is trying to be the people in the magazines, meticulously airbrushed and manipulated to take away all the things that make them human. I can see this in the sims we make as a community as well. Your sims have imperfections that make them perfectly beautiful and for that I thank you.

Oh god, that’s the best message I ever received. Thank you so much ;-; My main objective in this community has always been creating different and imperfect sims. Seven is the best example. I’m so glad that someone noticed and appreciated this.


  • New hair mesh edit
  • 6 Available tonalities
  • Standalone
  • Retextures allowed

Thanks to all the testers who helped me with this mesh. I solved all the issues you found during the testing phase ^-^

[MF SIMS] Licorice Dress

  • Standalone Item
  • Mesh by the amazing Nia
  • 3 Color Swatches: Blue, Green and Purple

Anonymous: will u ever put Seven in the gallery ? I wanna woohoo with her

lol no I don’t think it is going to happen. But you can woohoo with her in your dreams, like I do since the day I created her :* rofl

✖ ✖

kitonlyhuman replied to your post: anonimo ha detto:I’m sorry if you…

I didn’t even know about your legacy. (Discovered you in the TS4 era!) Can you tell some of us that just met you more about your Insanity Clan? Sounds like something I’d enjoy a lot!

Just read everything on this page! Here you can find all the characters profiles and all the chapters of the story in a chronological order.

I made this “leopard” hair retexture for Meera, I could upload it :) Someone would be interested?

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