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What are three things you don't like about ts4 ?

1 - No CAST

Nothing else.

Aug 01 2014 - #Anonymous
Are you thinking of adding meshes to all of Shoompiesims content. There really good expect they don't have meshes which is really sad:(

Actually,Shoompiesims has provided only the meshes lol So only textures and joints are missing (I guess). Anyway,maybe? The meshes are super nice,but I don’t like to edit other people stuff,I always prefer to create stuff with my own hands :)

Jul 31 2014 - #Anonymous

First retexture for Ts4 ^-^ Pretty satisfied. I love the details of the textures ._.

Will you continue the insanity clan's story in the sims 3 even though the sims 4 is comming out and you lost their save file?

Yes,I’ll continue the story. Unfortunately,since I lost the save file,I abandoned the insanity clan because I have to re-build a decent home for them and do everything again from the beginning :( And I’m so damn lazy lol But yes,I will write another chapter soon and I want to re-create them on Ts4 as well!

Jul 28 2014 - #theanonymousstoryteller
Jul 28 2014 - #seven#ts3#photoshoots

Wip dress

woohoo-juice-simoleons replied to your post: …………

THIS HAS TO BE MY FAVORITE HAIR ON HER. She looks so beautiful omg

I KNOOOW,I think that I will use this hair on her forever °° Thank you so much :*

Jul 26 2014 - #woohoo-juice-simoleons


Baking the new collection :3

This is the result at the moment

Giveaway winner!

Cogratulations to Stephanie M. Valentine! (omonasims) She’s the winner of the giveaway. Here her blog ^-^

Eze contacted Seven to see her collection of killing toys and deal with her to keep a gun, to protect himself better since he got stabbed. And well, shit happens. ;) 

simspirationhouses ha risposto al tuo fotoset “Skye.”

I love her <3 but I was wondering if she really looks like that in CAS or did you photoshop her? I’m sorry if this sounds rude, I don’t mean to be rude :)

Jul 17 2014 - #simspirationhouses

Wanna play with her?


Do you remember her?