[MF SIMS] Embellished Short Jacket

  • Standalone Item
  • 4 Available Colors
  • YA - A
Anonymous: Will you be creating hairstyles for TS4 too? Or clothing items for men? Anyway, thank you so much for your work, bc your cc is super amazing and I totally love all of it :)

I could have a new hair mesh ready :p But no, I don’t think I’ll make male clothing xD And thank you very much!

Anonymous: Do you mind if I ask what make up is Seven wearing in her TS4 version? (:

The outfit is made by me and you can find it in my downloads page. She also use the eyeshadow by darkosims3, my nose and lips mask, eyebrows by gelcha, skintone by chisimi and I can’t remember where is the blush from.

[MF SIMS] Asymmetrical Dress

  • Standalone Item
  • Two available recolors (Pink and blue)
  • Detailed texture

TS4 Seven is making progress.

✖ Resources and Downloads pages updated! ✖

I added a TS4 section in my resources page with some useful info about my game. I also simplified my Downloads Index for a easier navigation.

[MF SIMS] Anchor Earrings

  • New Mesh (Anchor converted from this free 3d model)
  • Standalone Item
  • 2 Available versions: Black and Silver
  • All the lods are edited.
  • Fully tested and perfectly working in CAS and in game.

Download here or on TSR

Anonymous: I fucking love you!! your creations are amazing!!!

thank youu baby :*

[MF SIMS] Cross Earrings

  • New mesh
  • Standalone Item
  • You can recolor it, just give me credits!
  • Feedbacks are welcome!

[MF SIMS] Eyebags V1

Eyebags for your ts4 sims. You can find this overlay in the skin details menu, as a standalone item. There is the standard version and a darker version, so you can chose the one you like the most. They can be used on custom  skintones too (I personally tested them on the Ephimera’s one by chisimi)

Download here or on TSR

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Anonymous: Your sims are so beautiful <3

tyvm x) *kiss*

[MF SIMS] Black Widow Set

The theme of this set is the elegance of black. It includes 4 items: Crop Top, Cocktail Dress, Leggins and Shirt. They are all standalone items made with S4S. As always, I tried to make very detailed and realistic textures. Feedbacks are welcome.
Download here or on TSR
Anonymous: Hi! :) sorry bothering you for asking this, I'd love to know, how do you do to take so perfect pics to show your creations? I always see your models with the same pose, standing there perfectly, and I can't figure how to do that on my game/CAS, they are always moving so I find very difficult to stop them on the "exact" moment. Would you mind to share a tip with me? Tysm and have a lovely day. ~Kova.

Hello Kova ^-^ It is really simple, just download this mod :)

[MF SIMS] Baroque dress

A dress full of ornaments and bright colors for your dollies :) This is a standalone item made with S4studio.
Download at TSR
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