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"Osservate con quanta previdenza la natura, madre del genere umano, ebbe cura di spargere ovunque un pizzico di follia. Infuse nell’uomo più passione che ragione perché fosse tutto meno triste, difficile, brutto, insipido, fastidioso. Se i mortali si guardassero da qualsiasi rapporto con la saggezza, la vecchiaia neppure ci sarebbe. Se solo fossero più fatui, allegri e dissennati godrebbero felici di un’eterna giovinezza. La vita umana non è altro che un gioco della Follia. Elogio alla follia, Erasmo da Rotterdam"
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“Sorry to be a bother, but I downloaded your 2000 followers gift which was supposed to have included Seven and her cc. Though, her sim file wasn't there. Is that how it was supposed to be?”

I never uploaded Seven,I uploaded the cc I use for her. So yes,that was how it was supposed to be lol

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Reflections of a damned soul

“I seen you changed seven a bit but why? D:”

I just removed the eyelashes under the eyes,changed contacts (grey to light blue) and replaced the eyebags with softer ones. Nothing special. I like to see my sims “evolve”. And I changed all these things gradually,in 5-6 months.

[MF SIMS] Spring Queen Dresses

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  • Young Adult - Adult
  • Mesh by the amazing pixicat
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[MF SIMS] Japanese Printed Skirts

  • Everyday - Formal
  • Young Adult - Adult
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“What inspired you to do the insanity clan? Who is your favorite and why? I must say seven is my favorite but I also love nike too. Heck who I'm kidding I love them all. How do you come up with your sims? Who are some other simblr's that you love? Sorry for all the questions I'm just curious :)”

wow,so many questions x) Umm,actually nothing in particular inspired me to create the insanity clan,I just wanted to have a nice legacy with unique and different characters.  My favourite,obviously,is my lovely Seven,but I also like all the others :3 They’re my creatures. Some other simblrs that I love? Let’s see… kosmokhaos, shockshame, sk-sims, theothersim circasim,I’m actually in love with a lot of blogs here xP

“Man, Seven is the most weirdly beautiful sim (I think) I've ever saw”

lol,awww <3 I think the same thing. Thanks a lot lovely anon :*

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“Sorry if this has been asked before but what skins do you use on ace kaito and daryl? They're all so gorgeous :O”

Adam Skin by Nika V. on Daryl and Kaito,but I can’t remember which skintone I use on Ace :(

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