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"Osservate con quanta previdenza la natura, madre del genere umano, ebbe cura di spargere ovunque un pizzico di follia. Infuse nell’uomo più passione che ragione perché fosse tutto meno triste, difficile, brutto, insipido, fastidioso. Se i mortali si guardassero da qualsiasi rapporto con la saggezza, la vecchiaia neppure ci sarebbe. Se solo fossero più fatui, allegri e dissennati godrebbero felici di un’eterna giovinezza. La vita umana non è altro che un gioco della Follia. Elogio alla follia, Erasmo da Rotterdam"
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Name: Seven

Profession: Sniper. Co-Boss of the “Insanity Clan”.

Particular signs: Totally mad. Creepy laugh. According to residents of Midnight Hollow, the devil dwells within her.


First sim created for Midnight Hollow. I decided to start writing a “story” set in this new scenery,and Seven is one of the main protagonists. It will be difficult for me,because I can’t speak a perfect english,so writing something with a sense is very very very hard lol I can write very well in my language,I study Journalism at the University,so I could do better If I can write in Italian x) But I’ll try to do a good work. I’ll post the first Chapter maybe in a week :) In the meanwhile,I’ll introduce you the other characters of the story. Stay tuned!

——-Other Members of the Clan:

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