Name: Seven

Profession: Sniper. Co-Boss of the “Insanity Clan”.

Particular signs: Totally mad. Creepy laugh. According to residents of Midnight Hollow, the devil dwells within her.


First sim created for Midnight Hollow. I decided to start writing a “story” set in this new scenery,and Seven is one of the main protagonists. It will be difficult for me,because I can’t speak a perfect english,so writing something with a sense is very very very hard lol I can write very well in my language,I study Journalism at the University,so I could do better If I can write in Italian x) But I’ll try to do a good work. I’ll post the first Chapter maybe in a week :) In the meanwhile,I’ll introduce you the other characters of the story. Stay tuned!

——-Other Members of the Clan:

Click here to see Daryl’s Profile.

Click here to see Rogue’s Profile.

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